Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ideas for Squads/Conversions

I picked up a couple of Reaper things since for a while I was walking around with a few Wolfmother songs in my brain. I got a Female Efreet since I couldn't find a nature giantess for Colossal Girl. And I made a thief for myself from kitbashed bits n pieces (Imperial stuff, I guess, and a couple of things from the Frostgrave cultist set) for "Joker and The Thief" and up in the air about a Joker character from say Knight Games or else maybe just a classical harlequin or something...

Anyway, it got me thinking - playing around with my 3d printer has just about killed my need to buy 40k stuff, since effectively I could print, in a long time I suppose, whatever 40k figs or terrain or might want. I was sort of thinking about doing some vehicles but, probably, I will never again play 40k. I just don't have the taste for Grimdark anymore. Too much real fascism in my country these days for the bullshit fake small-f-fascism of the Imperium to appeal to me. And, I reflect, I have rarely had a good time playing 40k. I have had a good time HANGING OUT and playing 40k also, but it's not the 40k that was fun about those times. In fact, 40k is only my jam at about 500-1000 points and for that, I'd rather be playing Necromunda, and for that, I'd probably rather be playing something fast and sensible like Frostgrave. I dig the "desperate troops and last stands" of 40k more than the lantern-jawed-Ubermenschen they've become. I mean, you won't see any tubby SM getting blown away by pirate orky weirdboys, these days. Too serious by half again, wot

If GW wanted to kill it for me, they'd introduce some solo style rules for when I'm bored and tired but can't sleep. I KNOW I KNOW, I said that a new Necromunda would sell it to me, but they took all the wry irony and self-awareness out (no shit I find the tedious I JUST WANT TO PLAY NO POLITICS of the s/Necromunda to be piteous in the extreme)

I don't know.

Ideas for conversions - Miyazaki. I mean, have you seen the Temekulans? They were Spess Mureens before there were any. Just need a rounded conical helmet and cloaks and BOOM. I'm struck, now, by how much I was influenced in my late childhood by Excalibur, Knight Riders, and Warriors of The Wind. It's probably down to Miyazaki that I even like 40k!

Also, Stardew Valley - I just literally saw a Pig Cart painted up on reddit at lunch. The backstory of the wars that is hinted at in the game is fascinating to me.

I been reading a lot of Gang War NYC, and Last Days (made a review here, once, and it sits better with me the more I read it) and seems to me that a good thing would be side-plot cards for just about any game you might think of. I think the most interesting situations in 40k arose for me when we used Mysterious Objectives

Anyway, just getting this out of my noodle since I'm bored

I also got a couple of Blackwolf the Wizard's troops (including Necron 99) coming from my buddy Brian, who works the booth for Wee Wolf minis. He may BE Wee Wolf minis, but that's like saying Peter Parker may be Batman...

So I picked up some savage orc thugs from ebay and I will edo those up like Scortch-colored emutants. Need some viking style elves as opponents, but I got a lot of stuff on the back burner these days.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Imperial Dauntless

Working on this model for going on 4 years. It's been built, like forever, but I've never used it in a game or finished painting, basing, or detailing it with gizmos or greebles. Needs a good rear turret, a virus-bomb, or maybe bio-wire, or something. Probably some terrible extra armor. I will probably mock something up in tinkercad to finish it up.

It's this kit, which I picked up at Michael's on a lark, and since I figured the scale is about right, and I figured I'd never EVER drop the Zorkmids on GW/Forgeworld air-support, I thought I'd use my extra sentinel pilot and bash summat together.

Will make a .PDF for some Oldhammer-style rules, too.

It's got little magnets in the wings so's you can switch out weapons if you need.

I figure that this is a last-ditch effort for a local down-on-its-luck Guard unit to muster some air presence in the face of superior firepower...

Also, I got this off my 3D printer this morning:

The Emperor Protects

Friday, June 7, 2019

What's Done in June

Every year, I write this January post of like THIS IS WHAT I WILL DO, and then most times it never works out.

I won’t say what I said I would do, but I will say what I have done, and also I have pictures. In addition to the pictured projects, I've primed a squad of rats for Blood Bowl, and a couple of other figures (a Reaper Efreet woman, I think? for Frostgrave)

I went ahead and dropped the $$$ on a 3d printer for my 44th birthday. Below you'll see some Plague Marines of the Old Skewl, topped off with my remixed-space marine pack that I found on Thingiverse (link in a second). It's necessitated learning the new skill of 3d modelling and the printing process, so that's sort of cool.

Just below that, you'll see the thing in various stages of BUILT, with my 1st printed model - a Rankin & Bass-style Goblin from DTRPG (link in a sec)

Here she is, the unchristen'd 3d-Printer, a Creality Ender 3.

Also, I made some flocking with green paint, soapy water, and the contents of my miter-saw's catch bag. Turned out pretty satisfactory, but I haven't flocked anything, yet.

Also, I made nine 8-inch by 8-inch "Ruined City" tiles to be used for Frostgrave or Necromunda. Really, the more Frostgrave I play the more Frostgrave I want to play. The reverse is sadly true for most of the Games Workshop games I play these days. Don't get me wrong, I love the Newcromunda models. I mean the goliaths and escher are great right out the box, and the little bits! o! the little bits. But like, I feel like I'd need to buy like 20 books to get it all, then they'd put out a book that had the rules and no fluff and it would be like twice as much as then fall apart the first time I opened it.

I would feel that way, I don't know if that's how it worked out. Anyways, me n the kiddo had fun drawing the little stones on the surface of the tiles. And the painting was fun, too. Not as $pendy as a $ector Imperiali$, yeah, but like I got a 3d-printer, man.