Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Putt-Putt 40K


I was reading this series of Zombie Golf posts by +Stiubhart MacChoille and immediately got to thinking about ways to use what I already have to make a Golf40K game or something like it
"Wilkins, pull the flag as the ball approacheth, and prime the Promethium Pumps."
"The ball travels 3d8+10 inches plus the golfer's S score, and deviates from the marked target by 1d6-BS, to a minimum of 0 inches."

What I have in mind is Hivegolf.  9 holes of creaky hive towers, Plague Zombies, sludge, sumps, and gang warfare.  A couple of gangers surround and escort the driver and putter and you pop up encounters like from the Outlanders random encounters, and there's a ref like in Blood Bowl and your gang can pick up loot counters, archaeotech

Wyrds can telekinetically slice/hook you.  Hive conditions.  Stroke penalties. Spook-enabled targetting of hidden holes.

You can grab the rules +Stiubhart MacChoille used, or close to it, at the above link. Certainly got to model up some ball and hole counters.  Melta-Photon-balls and Exhaust-vent/Bunker-targets?

I think +David Okum may have done a golf series, also (maybe not, but he should have done)