Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 Warpstone Cup

Summer 2019 Blood Bowl League Proposal



Open source living rulebook. No cards or fancy gimmicks, no KEEP PURCHASING model. You have a squad? You’re in. THE GRINDER WANTS MORE MEAT. THE PEOPLE ARE RESTLESS AND IN NEED OF DIVERSION

First half season regular pitches only

Then biweekly Streetbowl/Beach Bowl/DungeonBowl/BridgeBowl events as the Warpstone Falls From the sky

The finals include DungeonBowl and regular pitch events - driven underground, the fans' insatiable blood lust cannot be denied, quenched, or postponed on account of weather-like events!

You can own multiple regular and minor-variant teams in the league to pull models to make legit DB college teams, or not, as you like. (Like, a regular BB team and two Streetbowl teams, for example)

Submit shared Freelancers and arrange to use custom and classic star players. I was thinking some sort of Mordheim-like warpstorm would promote hiring of converted/kitbashed journeymen with different monthly themes, so your stock human team could be a spaghetti-like mess at the end of the season, fit only for immolation. Like: May means a superfluity of Undead stalk the land and so Skeleton, Zombie, and Ghoul Journeymen are now available for everyone. June means dwarves and halfling Freelancers are available since the hills and mountains have been smashed up by warpstone-fall. Any non-usual (to your base team) weirdos come with animosity automatically, but you can use any upgrade to REMOVE it. Bones McRattleton proved himself to his new team mates in less than 2 games! If you have a model, all it has to do to get on the pitch by the end of the season is to be painted and in the right colors.



I think I have BB17 humans, rats,Old 40k Dark Elf conversions in process but I like the new sets so much I may shelve them. Was also working on converting some 40k/fantasy Orcs into a smallish squad (thanks, Baity!)

Amber college team is complete - maybe some effects (the blood for the blood god makes me pretty happy). Vallejo mud and rust look great just sprinkled liberally on everything

Anyway, this is my brain trying to shake off the cold and imagining happier summer times

If I were commissioner, in the current political climate, I would totally make bribery cheaper and more legal, and tied to the President's poll numbers and things like the GDP, just for a laugh.

DIY #screenprinted T-Shirts for all participants! Available in Green-on-Black, or in classy (effeminate) Black-on-Green.

The Winner's Cup is a beautifully purchased Goodwill-store goblet, festooned with hot-glue, acrylic crystals, and day-glo paint (I actually want to do this now just to make one)

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